Technical Assistance

If there is a problem with your carbide cutting tools, this automatically creates a problem for your entire production line. CPI is here to help get your operation running again, offering carbide cutting tool troubleshooting and repair services for industries in South Carolina, North Carolina, and north Georgia. In addition, if you are having difficulties with carbide insert wear or want to reduce the carbide scrap rate, the experts at CPI can offer ways to correct the issues by helping you optimize the speeds and feeds of the tooling in your process.

Online Troubleshooting

If you need help with carbide cutting tool troubleshooting or quick carbide cutting tool repair, the experienced sales engineers at CPI are here to assist your business in resolving production issues. We can also help address challenges like excessive carbide insert wear, high carbide scrap rate, and more.

Whether you have a simple question or need plenty of advice, our team has more than 150 combined years of experience in manufacturing engineering and can help. Contact us by phone at 803-642-9988 or email at [email protected]