Welcome to the e-commerce portal for CPI Tooling, where you can enter orders, get pricing, check stock, and get product specs online 365/24/7. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST OF THE MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS YOU CAN PURCHASE THROUGH OUR E-COMMERCE PORTAL

Click LOGIN to get started, where you will enter your email address and create a password. The email address will not only be your User Name, but it will also be the email address that receives itemized acknowledgements, receipts for credit card charges (if used for payment), tracking information, and any communication from us about special circumstances on your orders, such as backorder notifications.

You can search for one product at a time through the SEARCH BOX in the menu above, which accepts manufacturer Product Code (EDP) numbers, manufacturer part numbers, or your own customer-specific part numbers if they are stored in our system. If you have trouble getting an item to come up through our SEARCH BOX, you can browse through the part numbers of any of our FEATURED SUPPLIERS shown in the left menu.

If you are placing an order or checking pricing on several items and already know the manufacturer's product code (EDP) numbers, you can go to our QUICK ORDER page and add the manufacturer-specific prefix to view up to 12 items at once to check pricing, and depending on the brand, check stock and product specs. You can then load them into your cart with one click.