Custom Tooling Options

CPI offers our customers a wide range of cutting tools from more than 200 vendors. You may know exactly what tool is required for an application, however, that tool must be manufactured. Through CPI’s close relationship with our vendors, our experienced team can use your part drawings to obtain a custom tool from the optimal vendor. Since 2007, we've been working to meet the custom tooling needs of our customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and north Georgia. With customized carbide tool specials and customized high-speed tool specials, your business can benefit from high-quality tools manufactured to your exact specifications.

Customized Tool Specials

Whether you require a specific pattern on an indexable milling part or complicated indexable insert, the CPI team can help you identify and design the customized carbide tool specials that you need, then facilitate its production. In addition, if you need customized high-speed tool specials, CPI can determine the best design and vendor to meet your needs. Our experienced sales engineers also offer free consultations to review your production processes and recommend cost-saving options.

By allowing CPI to expedite custom tooling production, our customers not only take advantage of our vast selection of vendors and their specialties, but also free up valuable time to run their business and move toward even more efficient production.

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CPI has been providing businesses in South Carolina, North Carolina, and north Georgia with customized carbide tool specials and customized high-speed tool specials for years. We offer custom tooling, designed directly from your part prints or blueprints and produced exactly to your specifications. Contact our team of skilled sales representatives today to learn more about how we can help meet your custom tooling needs.